Dorian J. Emin 's Mystic Ghost Wood

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Cygnus // brothers, OR.

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     No one before Bernini had managed to make marble so carnal. In his nimble hands it would flatter and stream, quiver and sweat. His figures weep and shout, their torses twist and run, and arch themselves in spasms of intense sensation. He could, like an alchemist, change one material into another - marble into trees, leaves, hair, and, of course, flesh.  
     -   Simon Schama’s Power of Art. Bernini

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|| [because i thought it was ill] by Kaga

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Portrait of Hortense Mancini, duchesse de Mazarin, as Aphrodite, Detail.

by Jacob Ferdinand Voet (1639–1689)

Dated: circa 1675

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“Head of Medusa”  Paco della villa Borghese, Rome Italy

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"Ground Truth" 48"x48", oil on canvas


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